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P.E. News
I am looking forward to a great year in P.E.! We are starting of the year with underhand tossing. I have really enjoyed meeting my new pandas! Please remember that it is VERY important to wear tennis shoes on P.E. days!
Art News
I anticipate a great 2009-10 year in art! Plans are underway to present the most exciting, Autumn student art show ever!
Many parents have asked if I need any art materials and this year I am collecting fabric scraps, ribbon,silk fall leaves,beads,yarn and anything else you don't need and would like to donate to the art room! We will hold another rummage sale during the P.T.O. carnival and my annual fall student art show in October. Anything you want to get rid of and think would sell-please send it to my art room or place in the office(marked art) This goes for supply donations as well. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
*Good art ideas for avoiding too much T.V. and electronic games over the summer and throughout the year.- *Nature drawing.Take your children outside with a pencil and sheet of paper. Sit and draw the trees, your home and anything else in your yard! You may be surprised at what your children can draw! *Nature prints.-Buy some cheap paint at Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby(any type of tempera or acrylic will do) Go on a nature walk with your kids or encourage them to walk around your property and collect things like pinecones,sticks,leaves,flowers,etc. Spread out paint on a paper plate and dip the found objects in the paint then press onto paper.This is a good idea for hand-made cards and wrapping paper! Thumb Creatures-*Use the left over paint to press thumbs in.Place the painted thumbs onto a piece of paper to form insect segments.After the paint dries-add antennaes,legs,wings etc. using crayons or pencils. See you in August! Leigh Williamson
Music News
We have been having a lot of fun in our music classes since January. Kindergarten has spent a great deal of time working on the steady beat and many other beginning music skills. First and second grade has been learning to read and write rhythms using simple stick notation. Soon first and second grade will be writing songs of their own. The 2nd grade chorus has been rehearsing and working hard on their upcoming musical. I am looking forward to their performance on May 14th.
Miss Wallace